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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to study at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sevilla?
You should know the bilateral agreements that your university has with our university. In addition, you must have been selected by your university. Please ask your International Office for more information.

How do I register?
All procedures related to registration (application form) are made in the Main Office of International affairs of our University through this link:

Can I go as a freemover?
Yes, but then your application is not with the Office of International affairs but with the Secretaria of students. You can find information here:

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I would like to know the academic offer and the schedules of the School in which I am going to carry out my studies.
Click here to know ours:
If you need to check the offer and schedules of other faculties, you need to go on their own website.

Can I enroll in subjects that interest me but do not belong to the host faculty?
Within the academic offer of the ETSI you can choose the subjects you want from any degree / master. There is no restriction. It is your responsibility to check the overlap of schedules. If you need it, you can also enroll in subjects from different faculties to the nomination (maximum three subjects if you come the full course and maximum and 2 if you come for a semester), in addition could be no vacancies or other restrictions of the faculty you are interested on. You must ask directly to them.

I have doubts about credits and subjects to study. How can I contact my coordinator on academic issues?
At ETSI we have a Tutoring program, which are engineering students who will advise you and help you to choose the subjects. In the days prior to your arrival, your team of tutors will contact you to begin to guide you.
If you have any problems you can always come to the ETSI Office of International Affairs: Emma Rowe:

Are there any language requirements to be accepted at the University of Seville? Yes, the level of demand will be the same as your home university requires the Spanish students to go there. This level will be indicated in the bilateral agreement. In addition, it is strongly recommended that the candidate students have an average level before coming to the Higher Technical School of Engineering, since the classes are mainly taught in Spanish.

Are there subjects taught in English?
The list of subjects taught in English is indicated at the top of this page.

Where can I find the academic calendar?
You can check it at:

Does the Higher Technical School of Engineering accept one-semester exchanges?
Yes. For more information, go to your International Relations Office.

Are there any Spanish courses for exchange students at the University of Seville?
If you want to attend Spanish courses, the Language Institute of the University of Seville offers a free semester course to exchange students. The registration is done at the Secretaria of the Institute of Languages ​​(Avenida de Reina Mercedes s / n 41012. SEVILLA). The International affairs Office of the University of Seville sends a list of all students to the Language Center.
There is a test to determine the level. Four different levels are offered:

  • SPANISH I (elementary level)
  • SPANISH II (intermediate level)
  • SPANISH III (advanced level)
  • SPANISH IV (upper level)
  • Classes are twice a week / 90 minutes per class

When is it recommendable to arrive? At least one week before the semester classes begin to find accommodation and attend informational welcome meetings.

How do I enroll in the subjects and in what terms?
You need to go to the ETSI Office of International Affairs. Emma Rowe will explain the procedure to you.
Approximate dates:
1st semester: From September 16 to October 7.
2nd term: from 1 February to 15 February.
It is highly recommended to do this process with the help of the group of tutors and fill in all the data, code, course and group of preference.

Where can I see my test scores?
The teacher publishes the notes on the board of their departments and in the virtual classroom, However, at the end of your stay the international office sends the Transcript of records by post mail to your university.

Where I can look for an apartment or a room in a sharing flat?
There is a service of help to the university community in
The website are also useful and it is also very useful to join our facebook Etsi-Sevilla incoming group since there the students of the ETSI offers shared accommodation.

Does the university have its own accommodation?
In the following web site there is a summary of the own residences of the university.

How much does the rent of an apartment in Seville cost?
Student rooms can be found from € 200 to € 300 / month and flats from € 400 to € 800 / month aprox.

What is the best area to live in Seville?
If you want to live near the ETSI and also in a city centre, the best place is the district Alameda-Macarena . Also close to the ETSI is the district of Triana.

How can I get to the Cartuja campus where the ETSI is located?
The bus lines C1 and C2 stop at the ETSI gate. There is also a public bicycle service:

Can I play sports near the university?
The university has a sports service (Sadus). They can inform you of all the sports organized by them in the different sport places of the University of Seville. Also the tutors will advise you of the sports in the ETSI (rugby team, salsa classes, etc ...)

Is there a wi-fi network for internet access at ETSI?
Yes, there is a wireless computer network (WIFI) that can be used by all students at the University of Seville.

How can I access the wi-fi computer network?
To access you must have the username and password in the US, which you will have after completing the registration process at the International Main Office.

Are there computers available from which you can access to Internet?
Yes, you can access to the different computer classrooms that the ETSI has available in the Centro de Cálculo, computers in the Library and the different points where there are computers of free access for students of the University of Seville.

How can I get my student card?
Once you have the UVUS (virtual user of the University of Seville), you can apply for the card in the following link:

How can I use the library?
Once you are enrolled, you can make use of all the resources of the Library and consult and manage your account through

What kind of health care will I have in Spain?
If you are Erasmus you will have your European Health Card and you will be able to make use of all the Public Health Centers of Spain. You can check the ones near your home:

When I go back to my country, who signs the certificate of stay?
The certificate of stay (both arrival and departure) is signed at the International Main Office Av / Ciudad Jardín nº 20-22

What about my grades?
The International Main Office. Av / Ciudad Jardín nº 20-22 will send the Transcript of Records directly to your University

For any problem, doubt, query or suggestion:
Emma Rowe
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería.
Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n. 41092 Sevilla.